XF Instruments Overview

All XF instruments analyze mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in live cells, generating data in just minutes. XF Technology uses solid-state sensors to simultaneously measure both oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR) in every well. All platforms support injection of up to 4 unique compounds per well.

Instrument Features Benefits

XFe96 Analyzer


96-well format OCR and ECAR

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The XFe96 Analyzer provides the highest capacity for XF assays at the lowest per-sample cost. The XFe96 enables a large number of experimental groups per assay, making it ideal for labs seeking to maximize design flexibility and sample throughput. Recommended for screening applications as well as dose-response studies. Can analyze individual spheroids with the XFe96 Spheroid Plate. Suitable for placement in a hypoxia chamber.

XFe24 Analyzer


24-well format OCR and ECAR

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The larger well diameter of the XFe24 microplate enables compatibility with many biological sample types, including islets, isolated mitochondria, and whole organisms. The XFe24 is validated by hundreds of peer-reviewed publications. Suitable for placement in a hypoxia chamber.

XFp Analyzer

Miniplate format: 6 assay wells OCR and ECAR

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The XFp Analyzer is ideal for researchers who run a just few samples per day, such as patient-derived and other precious samples as well as any pairwise comparison. The XFp Analyzer is the most affordable XF technology platform, so it is an attractive option for personal ownership.