XF Instruments Overview

All XF instruments integrate label free technology, eliminating label artifacts in cellular responses and drug interactions. XF analyzers also incorporate a disposable assay cartridge design, facilitating better tissue culture techniques, requiring no special clean-up, and saving time.

Instrument Features Benefits
96 well format, O2 and H+ rates, 4 drug injection chambers.

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The XFe96 Analyzer, 96-well format simultaneously measures mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis in cells, in minutes. The XFe96 provides high-throughput capability at the lowest per sample cost. The XFe96 also requires fewer cells and lower reagent volumes than the 24-well format, while enabling a larger number of experimental groups per assay. Ideal for labs seeking to maximize metabolic data acquisition, while conserving precious samples and reagents.
24 well format, O2 and H+ rates, 4 drug injection chambers.

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The XFe24 Analyzer, 24-well format also simultaneously measures mitochondrial respiration and glycolysis. The multiple injection ports allow for cell manipulations, and larger plate bottom diameter enables compatibility with many biological sample types, including islets and isolated mitochondria. The XFe24 Analyzer provides a lower cost option to begin exploring XF technology.
XF Prep Station
XF PrepStation
96 or 24 well format, non CO2 incubator, media warmer and washer

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Efficiently removes growth medium replacing with run medium. Improves data CVs and H+ measurement sensitivity while minimizing sample prep time. Recommended to simplify assay preparation and improve data quality with the XFe96 and XFe24