• XFe Analyzer

    The world's most advanced cell metabolism analyzer

    XFe Extracellular Flux Analyzers are the industry standard for measuring cell metabolism, simultaneously measuring the major energy-producing pathways of the cell

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  • XF Stress Test Kits & Reagents

    Cell Metabolism Revealed

    XF stress test kits and reagents provide a standardized means to perform XF assays quickly and easily.

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  • Wave 2.0
    for XFe Analyzers

    Featuring a file-based navigation system and increased options and settings, download Wave 2.0 to get the most from your XFe Analyzer

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  • XFe Cellular Bioenergetics

    Measure cell metabolism in a microplate with a XF Analyzers and XF Assay Kits

  • XF Cell Mito Stress Test Kit

    Everything you need to measure mitochondrial function in cells

  • XF Glycolysis Stress Test Kit

    Now it's easy to measure glycolytic function in cells

  • XFe96 Spheroid Microplate

    Functional metabolic measurements from 3-dimensional in vitro spheroids.

  • Grant Expeditor Package

    We've compiled all methods, justifications, references and other data pertinent to your Grant Application for a complete XF Analyzer package

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Join us and learn about the latest advances in XF technology, hear keynote talks, and more.

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Probe the Metabolic Depths of Tumor Spheroids Using the XFe96 Analyzer
Brian Dranka, Ph.D.
Manager of Biology,
Seahorse Bioscience

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